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The inquisitive mind of today’s consumer is not different from the one of his/her older counterparts. In the past, most of them relied on the consumer report for announcements surrounding what they were getting at the market place. Such magazines defined what consumers bought, where they bought them, and from whom they bought goods from.

Today’s consumer wants their needs provided for faster. The decisions to buy products or services are no longer defined by borders thanks to the global nature of todays’ market place. All the consumers look for is information about the products they want, what other consumers have to say about providers they’ve used, and assurances that they’ll get what is promises.

Although customer reviews on websites like Amazon play a crucial role in the decision making process, there are many e-commerce websites without them. This opens a cannon of worms, especially for consumers who use their services- in this case: essay writing companies.

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Students who buy papers online

One of the biggest motivator for buying papers online is the urgent need to keep up with school deadlines. Essays also matter a great deal on a students’ overall performance; and by the virtue of essay writing companies having a lot of experts in their midst, consumers want help from them. They rely on customer reviews to ensure that the decisions they make will not come back to haunt them later.

Why we review essay writing services

Many essay writing companies are operated by experts who mean well. Without their customers; they wouldn’t have a business, right? Research has shown us that a number of essay writing companies aren’t consistent in their offerings and that’s why we have decided to come up with a website that teaches users how to find excellent essay service providers for their needs.

How it works is built on reviews about various essay service providers. We constantly ask a good number of essay writing company customers to come and share about their experience with our users. The most common way they do this is through a rating for the company they have used. They also leave a comment describing their experience.

In addition, we also publish a summary review for each essay writing company added on this website. The expert review describes a company’s focus, customer support channels, caliber of writers, revision policies, plagiarism policies, refunds, and any other information we deem crucial for the consumers.